1. The First Big Steps 7. Plan your business
2. How to Start a Business? 8. Checklist
3. Discover What Works 9. Methods of Trading
4. Follow this Checklist to Get Started 10. The Mighty Dollar
5. Location Location Location 11. 10 Tips for a Balanced Life
6. An Office Environment 12. How to Lower your organization's IT costs with Google Apps

Thursday, June 14, 2007

How to Start a Business?

Consider how different business fit into your lifestyle and your interests. For example, do you want to work part time? Or do you want more career opportunities and the chance to build your own business empire? Think about these points:

1If you have young children and want more time with them, do you need to create a business that offers you flexible hours, or that you can run on a part time basis?

2If you have high financial ambitions, does your business have plenty of growth potential?

If you live far from the city centre, and customers will have to visit you at home, would it be more economical and practical to rent or share a small office closer to your customers? IF they do visit you at home, can you provide a separate office space and live with some disruption at home?

There is no point throwing yourself into a demanding seven days a week business if your real ambition is to have a part time business so you are more free to raise your new baby! No one will be happy. Finding the right business module makes it easier to be excited about your work. And when you're excited and believe in your business, it's no longer just work, it's a rewarding part of your life.

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