1. The First Big Steps 7. Plan your business
2. How to Start a Business? 8. Checklist
3. Discover What Works 9. Methods of Trading
4. Follow this Checklist to Get Started 10. The Mighty Dollar
5. Location Location Location 11. 10 Tips for a Balanced Life
6. An Office Environment 12. How to Lower your organization's IT costs with Google Apps

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Discover What Works

  • Describe exactly what product or service you want to offer. How it is unique or better? Why would customers buy it and not another brand?
  • Examine the competition. Visit rivals and try their products. How does your compare?
  • Test your product on friends and colleagues. Keep an open mind and don't defend your business. Write down every idea. Analyse them, and use the useful ones.
  • Join professional groups like the Entrepreneur Association so you can network with other entrepreneurs at gatherings.

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